Dedicating time can help career

4 12 2008

Kara Bertrand
Life Reporter, Humber Et Cetera
Published: April 2, 2008

Volunteering can give Humber students an advantage in the workforce as well as increase personal achievements, said Career Centre manager Karen Fast.

“You’re going to develop a really strong network, you are going to see another side of humanity and often times you’re going to learn new skills that you would not have normally learned on your own,” she said.

The Career Centre has a binder with volunteer opportunities around the city that is updated regularly. A board in the centre also outlines the benefits of volunteering.

“I think what I want to emphasize is the value of volunteering nowadays — how important it is to the employers and the fact that they’re actually looking for it on everybody’s resume,” said Fast.

Ken Wyman, co-ordinator of the fundraising and volunteer management program, said there are about 85,000 registered charities in the country and 100,000 non-profits.

“Any Humber student would find that they would get a welcome at a charity door,” he said.

Wyman said those with volunteer experience hold an advantage over those without.

“People that show they can handle difficult situations are more likely to get hired for their dream job,” he said.

He emphasized the importance of networking through these volunteer opportunities. “Developing that sort of social capital is tremendously important in a mobile society where many people feel isolated,” he said.

Victoria Boulton, 25, a fundraising and volunteer management program student, said charities often suffer without volunteers.

“Lack of money and volunteers basically means most organizations would not be able to function as they want to, if at all,” she said.

Fast added that getting out there is what is important.

“There’s so much need out there that sometimes you feel like it’s just a drop in the ocean, but you do what you can,” said Fast.



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