Options to keep fit

4 12 2008

Warmer weather provides opportunities to get fit
Kara Bertrand
Life Reporter, Humber Et Cetera
Published: April 9, 2008

While summer is a good time to exercise outdoors, Humber students can still use the Athletic Centre during summer months, said fitness co-ordinator Leanne Henwood-Adam.

There are discounted prices for returning students as well as alumni, she said, and summer students will still receive free membership. Students returning in the fall can pay $50 for the summer and alumni can pay $150 for a one-year membership after graduation.

For those students who would rather exercise outdoors, Henwood-Adam said there are many options.

“Think about the spring and summer type sports that we haven’t had a chance to do for a while like walking, going for a jog, a bike ride, rollerblading. Anything like that is a fun way to keep fit and enjoy the nice weather,” she said.

Henwood-Adam said walking or biking to work, the mall or a friend’s house is a great way to make sure an exercise goal is not forgotten during the summer.

“It’s extra exercise that you’re not really thinking about because it’s something you’re doing to get from point A to point B,” she said. “I look upon that as bonus exercise. Every little bit helps, every little bit adds up toward whatever your goals are.”

Aside from maintaining a work-out regime, implementing exercise in a daily routine allows for fresh experiences, said Kyle Ferguson, Athletic Centre personal trainer.

“In your car, you’re going fast and you’re not focused on how beautiful the trees are, or the flowers at the side of the road,” he said. “When you’re biking or walking, you’re going at a slower pace and you can appreciate the beauty that is around the city. Everything that nature has to offer becomes a lot more available the slower you’re going.”

Jeff Carmichael, active living supervisor for Toronto’s parks, forestry and recreation division, said using city trails, paths, fields, pools and tennis courts are great ways to use sports as a fitness regime.

He said soccer fields and baseball diamonds have fees while tennis courts are free unless they’re part of a tennis club.

There are 281 swimming pools, approximately 642 sports fields, 756 tennis courts and 225 paved trails throughout the city, Carmichael said.

He said exercising outside “helps in getting fresh air and seeing what Toronto has to offer in the summer.”
Ferguson said the possibilities for enjoying the outdoors are endless.

“The limit is only on your creativity – anything you can think of, you can accomplish.”



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