Public invited to submit feedback on short-listed options for Rapid Transit Project

5 12 2008

Kara Bertrand
Staff Reporter, Community News South
Published: July 2, 2008

Waterloo Region’s Rapid Transit Project Team has short-listed rapid transit routes connecting Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo. Public meetings were held in June to gather input from residents in deciding which alternative is best for the region.
The region is collecting feedback until July 11.

A light rail transit (LRT) system and a bus rapid transit (BRT) system are both being considered for the region.

The LRT would run roughly from Water St. and Ainslie St. in Cambridge to King St. and Northfield Dr. in Waterloo, running through downtown Kitchener and uptown Waterloo.

The BRT would be similar except that it would travel the 401 from Hespeler to Highway 8. Both systems would connect to ‘Inter-Regional Bus Service’ as well as to existing Grand River Transit routes to allow all members of the region to participate in the system.

Emily Schmidt, from the consultant firm hired by the region, EarthTech, said a priority of the initiative is to make it as fast as possible to get to any location.

A timeline is still being decided, however construction starts are not anticipated for a few more years. Difficulties that exist for developing rapid transit are narrow roads, buildings close to the street, on-street parking and buried utilities. These issues are being taken into account with the alternative routes being considered.

Similar transit initiatives are in Bremen, Germany, Long Beach, California, Ottawa, Montpellier, France, Houston, Texas, and Portland, Oregon.

More information and comment forms are available by calling 519-575-4757 ext. 3242 or at



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