United Breaks Guitars

7 07 2009

July 7, 2009
By: Kara Bertrand

I came across this video today and was amused by 1. its content and 2. its deeper meaning.

I’ve flown with United Airlines several times and had customer service issues regarding delays where they refused to admit they had anything to do with delays and blamed it all somewhere else. This apparently is a common thread with the airline.

The greatest part of this story is that the band is getting revenge on not only negligence by baggage handlers, but also shoddy customer service. If this viral video is successful, there’s a strong possibility of the band getting the $3,500 they’re owed but also that United Airlines faces public relation problems.

And in this world of controlling conglomerates, it’s nice to see one brought down a peg.



2 responses

14 10 2009

Hey! Was creeping your blog and stumbled upon this… I interviewed him! He’s origionally from Timmins. Have you seen the Part 2 video? It was released a few weeks back and is pretty good… I also heard United is going to be using the video/situation in their training of employees on Customer Service from now on!

14 10 2009

Thanks Lauren! I haven’t seen Part 2 of the video but caught a song by them promoting local TV – is that what you mean? But it’s pretty cool how much trouble this video started! I knew it would go viral, and it did!

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