When Guys Become Girls

24 07 2009

July 24, 2009
By: Kara Bertrand

I had to share this – just because it is quite funny. I wonder if any females are insulted as the Globe and Mail says might happen. I’m not! Clever marketing P&G, clever marketing … I don’t have much to say aside from just check it out because it’ll give you a laugh. And if it doesn’t … you’re too uptight.

Check out the video: When guys become girls.

Getting Personal

21 07 2009

July 21, 2009
By: Kara Bertrand

I feel it’s time I got personal.

I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life. Well … not my entire life. I started gaining weight around age 9, but didn’t care much until the age of 15 when I weighed 165 lbs. Looking back, I’d love to be 165 lbs., but at 16, it definitely looked different than 165 would at 25. I can’t say what I weigh now because frankly, I haven’t weighed myself in a year. But I can guarantee you, it’s more than 165.

I’m not the best at dieting. I was when I was 15 and lost 25 lbs in 6 months, but that was put back on without a year or so after I stopped watching what I was eating. The only regime I’ve ever done is weight watchers, and that was not the paid version. My mom and I have the book and calorie/fat sliders. I’m not sure if paying would have done much for me though.

I’m thinking of starting a blog on my weight loss – more as motivation than anything else. I just can’t think of a name for it. But once I do, I’ll start that. Until then, I’m writing this post as a start to motivation. I’ve started jogging. And this, for anyone who knows me, is a big thing. I’ve always hated jogging/running and mostly hate the effects on my body. My throat feels like it’s closing up, and my legs burn. The thing is that I know now that I was just doing it wrong. I was pushing myself too far too fast.

The decision came out of a conversation with my sister one day in her car. She said she’d come out with me to run one day, so we did it the next day. It was hard and I was in major pain for the next day or so. Now I’ve gone three more times on my own. I didn’t push myself as hard as I did with my sister, but I figure this way is more my own pace. There’s a park nearby that’s perfect for running with a mix of paved trails, dirt trails and grass to run on. There’s enough variety that I can switch up my run without being bored.

My routine consists of half jogging-half walking to the park and doing two or three (depending on my energy level) circuits around and through the park. It’s usually between 45 minutes to an hour of a workout. I can usually jog for a max of two minutes straight before my throat and/or my legs start hurting. I usually push through the legs but once the throat and lungs go, I can’t jog anymore. As I said, I’ve just started.

It’s an understatement to say how much better I feel lately. My energy level on a daily basis is up (although I get tired at night earlier!) and I feel healthier just a week in. And more than anything else, I feel motivated. I feel like I’m really doing something for myself. And I’m looking forward to jogging when I get my shoes on.

Yesterday I almost didn’t go, but thought “I won’t go tomorrow, then I won’t go the next day and the cycle will continue and I’ll be off-track.” So I went. It was a hard run because my chins were hurting from the beginning, which has yet to happen. I powered through and did two circuits (albeit shorter circuits), and headed home after a long stretch. And today I feel fine aside from a bit of ache last night and this morning.

The next challenge is to ensure my food is matched to my motivation in exercise. That’s probably going to be harder because the more I exercise, the more food I want to eat! This is going to be a journey and I know it’s something I’ll have to work with for all my life, but hopefully I can get to a weight where all I have to do is maintain instead of loss. My ultimate goal is 150. I’ll be much closer to where I want to be if I get there. For my height (5’4) and my body shape, I should really be between 130 and 140. It’s been many years since I’ve been that close.

As it stands, I’m excited to be starting this part of my life and I hope jogging is the best kick-start for me. I’m hoping to join a gym in the fall when I’ve got the money. So wish me luck and I’ll either update here or at a new blog!

Using the Teens for Profit

14 07 2009

July 14, 2009
By: Kara Bertrand

I came across this story in the Globe and Mail this morning. A British teen-intern, Matthew Robson, at Morgan Stanley Research wrote a report whereby he interviewed his friends (likely) on their views of digital media. The facts he found were not surprising to me, but he sure got the attention of advertisers …

Sadly however, it’s also not surprising how excited the advertisers got to find out this “secret” within the minds of teens. The report stated that teens don’t listen to the radio, love social networking, but hate, hate outdoor marketing and TV advertising (among many other findings). Oh surprise, surprise, because hmm … I thought everyone loved advertising being thrown in their face! But Morgan Stanley was “inundated with calls” on the report – mostly in the “business world.” Because really … where else would a bunch of suits care about a 15-year-olds ramblings about his friends?

Advertisers and business owners around the world are probably having meetings, with photocopies of Robson’s report spread across the boardroom table attempting to decipher the teenage mind. “How can we reach the target audience?” they ask … “How can we exploit this group?” And oh yes, the world exploit is very likely being used. I find it ironic that while Robson’s “friends” were complaining how they hate advertising, these advertisers are devising a plan to reach them through alternative means.

Well, kids, there’s no escaping it. Just sit back and enjoy the ride, because the advertising beast will not stop.

Read the entire report here.

United Breaks Guitars

7 07 2009

July 7, 2009
By: Kara Bertrand

I came across this video today and was amused by 1. its content and 2. its deeper meaning.

I’ve flown with United Airlines several times and had customer service issues regarding delays where they refused to admit they had anything to do with delays and blamed it all somewhere else. This apparently is a common thread with the airline.

The greatest part of this story is that the band is getting revenge on not only negligence by baggage handlers, but also shoddy customer service. If this viral video is successful, there’s a strong possibility of the band getting the $3,500 they’re owed but also that United Airlines faces public relation problems.

And in this world of controlling conglomerates, it’s nice to see one brought down a peg.