Using the Teens for Profit

14 07 2009

July 14, 2009
By: Kara Bertrand

I came across this story in the Globe and Mail this morning. A British teen-intern, Matthew Robson, at Morgan Stanley Research wrote a report whereby he interviewed his friends (likely) on their views of digital media. The facts he found were not surprising to me, but he sure got the attention of advertisers …

Sadly however, it’s also not surprising how excited the advertisers got to find out this “secret” within the minds of teens. The report stated that teens don’t listen to the radio, love social networking, but hate, hate outdoor marketing and TV advertising (among many other findings). Oh surprise, surprise, because hmm … I thought everyone loved advertising being thrown in their face! But Morgan Stanley was “inundated with calls” on the report – mostly in the “business world.” Because really … where else would a bunch of suits care about a 15-year-olds ramblings about his friends?

Advertisers and business owners around the world are probably having meetings, with photocopies of Robson’s report spread across the boardroom table attempting to decipher the teenage mind. “How can we reach the target audience?” they ask … “How can we exploit this group?” And oh yes, the world exploit is very likely being used. I find it ironic that while Robson’s “friends” were complaining how they hate advertising, these advertisers are devising a plan to reach them through alternative means.

Well, kids, there’s no escaping it. Just sit back and enjoy the ride, because the advertising beast will not stop.

Read the entire report here.