Here I have collected a wide breadth of my writings from corporate and campus magazines. To respect the confidentiality of my corporate work, I won’t be directly posting my corporate design, social media, blogs, press releases, and proposals. Should you be interested in my corporate experience, check out my resume, or send me an email for further portfolio and design work.

Outpost Magazine
My work as an intern at Outpost Magazine. I was fortunate enough to be given several writing opportunities to get my feet wet in a professional magazine environment.

Issue 68
Featuring a crazy island adventure in Brazil, discovering the lost link in Chile, a budget travel guide and much more!

Wright of Way: Ian’s Top 10

Issue 69
Featuring a trek along Vancouver Island’s scenic West Coast Trail, the world’s highest tides, the legends of Lake Superior, paragliding in Eastern Europe and much more!

Tripping: The Canoe
Can you survive in the Canadian wilderness?
Outpostings: Lake Superior

Issue 70
Featuring a trek to Venezuela’s Angel Falls, building a bamboo future in Nicaragua, exploring Ireland, canyoning in Costa Rica and much more!

Tripping: Lucky Charms
Outpostings: Venezuela
Outpostings: Northern Ireland

Convergence Magazine
A magazine that studies media-related issues including advertising, radio, TV, journalism, freedom of expression and more. My article dealt with the state of travel writing today.

Around the World in 80 Pages

Sweat Magazine
The official magazine of the Ontario College’s Athletic Association (OCAA). My article was about the offseason behaviour of women’s softball players.

Getting A Jump On The Season

The Daily Planet
This is an online newspaper on campus. I wrote sports, news and entertainment stories.

Humber ready for proposed coffee cup ban
Harper arts cuts spark controversy at college
New transit plan announced by metrolinx
TSX falls but students not concerned
New changes to come for Humber’s Athletic Centre

Community News Kitchener
My work with the community newspapers of Kitchener. I covered community events, news stories and profiles.

Community Spotlight: Tanner Pearson
Water at Doon Heritage Crossroads
Community Spotlight: Jason Gingrich
Your Neighbourhood Credit Union raising funds to support Guide Dogs
Public invited to submit feedback on short-listed options for Rapid Transit Project

Humber Et Cetera
My work for my campus newspaper for the Life Section. Through this, I wrote a wide variety of stories from events to news to health. Later, I became an editor and wrote two opinion articles.

Written as an Editor

Military casualties must be public

Written as a Reporter

Eating healthy on campus
Students and profs learn matters of health
Uphill climb for female paramedics
Getting a pet could be a poor decision
Showing E-ppreciation
Not getting the zzz’s
Eco-friendly programs see increased enrollment
Dedicating time can help career
Options to keep fit

Fine Cut Magazine
My story with a campus magazine for the film and television industry of Toronto. I did a profile piece.

Hairdressing the stars: Regan Noble

Featuring blogs, feature and opinion articles and fiction written for school or pleasure throughout my life.

Humber College Unpublished

A Plea to End Celebrity Obsession
Little Furry Paws
An Underground World of Organ Sale
For the Love of HGTV
Suicide Coverage Better Left Unsaid
Film Review: Across the Universe
Book Review: Paging Aphrodite by Kim Green

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